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Handgun Permits

If you are interested in obtaining a Handgun License in the State of Indiana, you can apply for a handgun permit at the Berne Police Department. The types of handgun license you can apply for are: 4 Year Hunting & Target License, 4 Year Personal Protection License, Lifetime Hunting & Target License, Lifetime Personal Protection License, and Retired Law Enforcement Officer License. Please visit or call The Berne Police Department for fees and detailed instructions on how to apply.

VIN Inspections

If you need to have a Title/ VIN Inspection done, you can have it done at the Berne Police Department or call for an Officer to come to your residence. The cost of a Title/ VIN Inspection is $5.00 and you get the proper paperwork you need to obtain the correct registration for your vehicle, watercraft, ATV, and/ or Trailer, to take with you to the BMV.

*(Unless there is an issue of a invalid VIN, then steps will be taken to ensure all property is in order)


 Accident Reports

We recommend, the first thing you do, if you were involved in an accident, is to ensure you contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Failure to contact your insurance company of a recent accident could result in your driving privileges being suspended.

To purchase a accident report, please click on the "Accident Report" tab located on the left side of the web page.


If you, as a parent would like to have your child’s fingerprints taken for your records or if you are required to have fingerprints taken by your employer, you can have it done at the Berne Police Department. Just call our office and set up a time for an Officer to be on Station to conduct the fingerprinting.

 House Checks

If you are planning a vacation, or if an event has occurred that you feel you need extra coverage for your home and property, contact our Office to obtain the paperwork to have your home and property checked while you are away. There is no cost for this service, we only ask that you leave sufficient information, like secondary contacts, emergency contacts, and most importantly informing us on your return.

Business Checks

If you are not sure your business or company is in our records, or if you have re-structured points of contacts, please call the Berne Police Department so we can be up to date on who to call if there is an emergency with your building/ property. Current records of key holders are vital in a time of emergency. If you are a new company, please make sure you contact the Berne Police Department.