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The Berne Police Department Reserve Section is made up by volunteers who serve the community of Berne. They aid and assist the the Full-Time Officers with their duties. The Reserve Officers often help out local business' and the schools with extra security in times of need.

The Reserves are expected to maintain the same level of training as a Full-Time Officer. All Berne Reserve's must attend the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, Pre-Basic Course. Reserve Officers are considered Probationary for the first year of appointment. Reserve Officers that are still probationary, must ride with an Full-Time Officer or a Non-Probationary Reserve Officer.

The Berne Police Department has currently 5 Reserve Officers. If you would like to become a Berne Police Department Reserve or have any questions about the program, feel free to contact the Berne Police Dept.


You must reside within five miles of the City of Berne, be over the age of twenty-one, have no felony convictions, and a vaild drivers license.