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Berne Police Programs
Listed below are several different programs in which the Berne Police Department are involved with. There are many services you can request from the Berne Police Department. If you have any questions, please contact our Office at (260) 589-2169.


Police Tips
 Do you have information that can help the Berne Police? This section is to allow a concerned citizen to report suspected criminal activity. Your information will reach the Berne Police Department. Your identity will not be made known to anyone. Please provide as much information and details as possible. Be careful to only submit this form once.

Adams Wells Crisis Center
Stop the Violence, Take a Stand! The Adams Wells Crisis Center can HELP! For more information, Please call: 1-877-728-9800. The Adams Wells Crisis Center provides Emergency Shelter 24 hours a day. There are any services such as: GED and other educational information, Nutrition, Family Matters, Financial & Budgeting information and many more.
Adams County Crime Stoppers
Adams County Crime Stoppers works with the public by giving everyone an opportunity to share information about felony crimes while remaining anonymous. This aspect of Crime Stoppers is the most important. Most people want to help keep their communities safe but do not want to get involved to the point where they might have to testify in court or possibly face retaliation from the suspects. Visit them on the web:
South Adams Kids For Success
 South Adams Kids for Success provides several programs with in the South Adams School District. From Red Ribbon Week to Fingerprinting the School Kids, Kids for Success is a joint effort between the Berne Police Department, Geneva Police Department and South Adams Schools. For more information, please contact our office, (260) 589-2169 and ask to speak to PFC Earl Hough, Berne Police Department.  
Patch Traders
Pictured below, is part of the Berne Police Department's Patch Collection. All of the patches collected by the Officers were either purchased or traded for and then donated by the Officer for the display. If you would like to purchase or trade for one of our patches please e-mail the department. Or send a new patch from your Department to our office and we will send out a new patch to you. Thank You.