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The Berne Police Department will no longer sell accident reports at our facility located at 1160 West Main Street, Berne, Indiana 46711. Information will be given to the driver(s) at the scene of the accident that is necessary for reports to be purchased through

Beginning March 23rd, 2009, accident reports will only be available from Accidents covered by personnel from the Berne Police Department must be purchased, using this site. Accidents that occurred prior to this date must also be purchased through this site.


Thecost for each report is $12.00.


To obtain a report once you connect with

1. Enter the date of the accident

2. Enter the last name of the driver..or..the crash report number and the agency name, which is: Berne PD

If you have questions regarding this matter, contact the Berne Police Department at 260-589-2169.


The driver of any motor vehicle involved in a crash that results in injury or death or total property damage of $1000 or more must make a report on form SR-21 within ten (10) days. The failure or refusal of any person to report a crash as required is cause for the suspension of the operator's or chauffeur's license and vehicle registration of such person. Such failure or refusal is also a misdemeanor. If the driver is physically incapable of making the report, any occupant of the vehicle is required to do so. A witness may also be required to make a report. A supplementary report will be required whenever an original report is insufficient.


This form can be found at: